The Best Songs You've Never Heard, Part 5

I'm going to post a few links to Youtube clips of my favorite tunes that have been criminally unknown or underappreciated. This is Part 5. click here for Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

In no particular order:

Sam Moore, from 60's R&B legends Sam and Dave, showed in this late 80's recording that his voice was as strong as ever. He played an R&B singer in the movie John Cusack/Tim Robbins comedy "Tapeheads" and was featured singing this song in a sparsely-populated nightclub. While the movie is extremely funny, this song is as serious as it gets.  The powerful lyrics, combined with incredible vocals and a nice sax solo by Junior Walker, make this one irresistible.

"The Flame", by Spyche

Technically, we can't say this song is unknown, as it was a big hit for Cheap Trick. But this version, by a local Dallas musician with a day job, is a big improvement over the original. Take away the Cheap Trick over-emotive vocal, and strip away the over-production, and you have a great song delivered by a real songbird and accompanied only by a bass guitar, and you have a real gem.  Close your eyes and listen, and when she says "over you" at the 0:48 mark, your heart may just break in half.

"Tough it Out" by Webb Wilder

I'm not sure how this song is categorized. It's not country. It's Southern Boogie Rock. Whatever it is, just crank it up real loud.


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