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God's Promises for Girls-Review
Thomas Nelson provided for me the book God's Promises for Girls, by Jack Countryman and Amy Parker.  This is a devotional-type book designed for young girls. My 8-year-old daughter read it with no problem and it seemed to be just right for her reading level.
Beyond readability, of course, is the content of the book, and it's very well done. It divides each day into two pages (one page spread).  For each day, there is one topic (example: Trusting God) and a few verses to meditate on. There is no commentary; just the verses, plus some very nice illustrations.
I highly recommend this book for girls around age 8, give or take a few years. In fact, as an adult male, I found I could get a lot out of this book as well.

Note that there is also a boys' version of the book which I did not review.

Crazy moving story

Ever have an incident so crazy that you say "if someone wrote this as a sitcom script, nobody would believe it!"?  In 1987, I was leaving the army, and experienced that very thing.

I'm getting out of the Army. It's a Thursday. Snowstorm closes the finance office, so I cannot out-process. It's closed Friday, too. Snow melts Saturday, but they're closed on weekends. More snow Sunday night. Monday morning, finance is closed again because of snow.
Monday afternoon, finance opens, they out-process me by 4:30. I load stuff from my barracks into my car. When almost done, I realize I don't have quite enough hands to carry last load, so I leave one item in room. On way back from car, fire alarm goes off. Fire trucks come. I'm prevented from entering building to get my one last item and heading into civilian life.
An hour later, firefighters call it a false alarm, let me in to get that one thing. I load up. It's 6:00. Rush-hour traffic in DC …