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Grammatically Correct Song Titles

Here we are: the moment you've all been waiting for. The unveiling of my Top Ten list of song titles (or well-known lyrics), corrected to reflect proper grammar:

10. There isn't any sunshine when she's gone.

9. I'm traveling along a highway, simultaneously thinking about seven different women, four of whom are possessive, two who are insincere and one who is a friend.

8.  I can't get any satisfaction.

7. We don’t need any education.

6. Your mother doesn't dance, nor does your father rock and/or roll.

5. There isn't anything that is going to stop us now.

4. Lie Down Sally.

3. I Still Haven't Found That for Which I Am Looking

2. Whip It Well.

and the Number One grammatically correct song title of all time:

(drum roll)

1. You're nothing, if not a hound dog.