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Film Review: Blue Like Jazz

By contributing a whopping $5 to last year's effort to fund the making of "Blue Like Jazz" via Kickstarter, I put myself in line to receive an invitation to the Fort Worth premiere on March 21. This showing was part of a 30-city tour in which the author of the book by the same name, Donald Miller, appeared in person, accompanied by director Steve Taylor and lead actor Marshall Allman.

I went in guessing that the movie probably would stray far from the "Safe for the family" boundaries that many Christian-themed films seem bound to. And as it turned out, I was right. The PG-13 rating was earned. Because the story in the movie (which only bears some resemblance to the book) is essentially about a young man who renounces his faith before rediscovering it in a fresh way, it necessitated the depiction of various sinful behaviors and attitudes. There are a few naughty words, multiple instances of substance abuse, and flat-out mockery of Christianity.  Plus, a giant …

Check out this new book: A Silence of Mockingbirds

It's almost April, and that means a new book release I'm really looking forward to: "A Silence of Mockingbirds," by Karen Zacharias, who wrote a book I fell in love with a couple of years ago: "Will Jesus Buy Me Doublewide?".

"Silence" is a tragic story of the short life of three-year old Karly Sheehan. It will be released in April to coincide with National Child Abuse Prevention month.

I have to be honest: I don't look forward to reading a story about a child's murder any more than you do. But while I had been under the impression that child abuse was pretty much licked in the US, I was recently shocked to find that, in the US, 5 kids are murdered every day. As an American, I am ashamed of this. The author believes that this book can empower and educate a nation that has been reluctant to admit that it has the highest rate of child abuse of any industrialized country in the world.
I am reprinting an interview with the author that sh…