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Book Review: Wild Grace, by Max Lucado and James Lund

"Wild Grace" by Max Lucado and James Lund, is a spinoff of Lucado's book, simply titled "Grace".  The difference between the two is that "Wild Grace" is specifically targeted toward teens.  I asked for and received a free copy from Booksneeze for review purposes, thinking that perhaps my oldest two kids, age 11, might benefit from it. As it turns out, some of the stories conveyed in "Wild Grace" touch on topics, including drugs and pornography, that my kids aren't quite ready to read about, so I'm reviewing this from my point of view, not theirs. 
But even though it's not quite right for preteens, I came away very impressed with the book. It's interspersed with stories form the bible and with stories from modern-day believers who have experienced God's grace in countless ways. In one particularly stirring story, a man talks of his introduction to internet porn as a teen, and the ways that God came through at the time, an…

Top Ten Best TV Sitcom Characters of All Time

The title says it all. Broadcast TV only:

1. Lucy Ricardo
2. Homer Simpson
3. Barney Fife
4. Radar O'Reilly
5. Johnny Fever
6. Edith Bunker
7. Louie DePalma
8. George Costanza
9. Carla Tortelli
10. Mork

I don't have a Bottom 10 list, but I'm sure Urkel is on it.

NOTE: As I write this, I'm in the middle of writing a piece about last night's (10/16/12) Presidential debate. I needed to do something not so serious for a short while.