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The Pursuit of the Coveted "Yes"

The living room is silent, despite being populated by a dozen people.  Every head is down, every eye closed.  A few guys get up from their comfy seats to lay hands on Bob, the man who just presented his prayer request. Finally, someone initiates intercession. This prayer is in line with Bob's request. It's short and sweet. More silence.

Then, a revelation comes to you, straight from heaven. You have something special, specific, and unexpected to pray concerning Bob. It's radical. Dang near prophetic.

It's a bit out of left field, but you don't let that stop you. You spill it out. Only problem is, you notice the silence. As you say out loud the things you are convinced God gave you (am I the only one who can no longer say "God laid this on my heart" with a straight face? I digress.), you cannot help but note that you don't hear anyone else agreeing with you.

Once you pick up on this, you feel awkward. If you don’t hear a “yes”, then that means that …