The Best Songs You've Never Heard, Part 2

I'm going to post a few links to Youtube clips of my favorite tunes that have been criminally unknown. This is Part 2. Part 1  Part 3 Part 4.
In no particular order:

"Infested" by Course of Empire

I don't know if I'll ever understand why this one didn't make this band famous. It had a cool video. Course of Empire had a great regional following and a great stage presence. The sound fit in at a time when Grunge had brought back crunching guitars.   Ah well.
"Infested" needs to be cranked up to be properly enjoyed.

"Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps" by Doris Day

The two songs on this page could not be any more dissimilar. Still, a great song's a great song. This one's from the pre-rock era, early 1950's.  It has an irresistible melody that's not easily forgotten. "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps" will stick in your head.


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