The Best Songs You've Never Heard, Part 4

I'm going to post a few links to Youtube clips of my favorite tunes that have been criminally unknown. This is Part 4.  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

In no particular order:

"Old Habits Are Hard To Break" by Ronnie Milsap

John Hiatt wrote it and recorded it, but no version can compare to this one. Milsap's vocals here are as good as anything he's ever done. If you didn't know he had done syrupy ballads before, and heard him here for the first time, you'd swear he was a lifelong bluesman. This story of a man appealing to his female friend to get out of a destructive, soul-killing, relationship grabbed me the first time I heard it. It may be my favorite recorded song ever. 

"Only Human" by Rosanne Cash

Many years ago, I noticed a consistent theme in Rosanne Cash's music: it's extremely important to her how people treat each other, and when someone is less than considerate to her, she's going to say something about it. this is epitomized in "Only Human". For more examples, check out lyrics from her other songs:

"You were always so disappointed in me, because I couldn't ever do nothin' right."

"What did I say to make your cold heart be this way? Maybe I'll just go away today."

"You always find a way to hurt my pride. If I'm not crying, you're not satisfied. I don't know why you want to hurt me so."

"I don't have to be nobody's fool, and I won't make no exception of you. I don't have to crawl. I can just walk away."


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