Father's Day songs Part 1: I Loved Her First

Fatherhood is captured in song and in movies as well as any topic that's ever been written about. Over the next few days, I want to highlight 5 meaningful songs about fatherhood. Some will come from the viewpoints of the dad, some from the child,and some from both. This is not a Casey-Kasem-like countdown, so I don't want arguments about which is best. There is no ranking. Just enjoy. ;)

 As everyone from Donald Miller to John Eldredge has pointed out in recent years, telling a great story is the best thing you can do. And many great stories are told in 4-minute snippets.

"I Loved Her First" is a stellar song, written by a friend of mine, Elliott Park.  The band who sings it, Heartland, barely has local-band talent, and never achieved any other success before or after this single. But the fact that a band like that, on a small label with no promotional budget, could achieve a huge hit just goes to show what a powerful song this is. It tells a great story.

The next song in the list is here.


Anonymous said…
barely has local band TALENT?? Wow, you really know your stuff when it comes to bands. The original group is not together anymore, but if you would have seen them in concert or knew what they are doing now, I think you would have a different opinion. Course, thats just mine.

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