Father's Day Songs, part 5: Watching You

Fatherhood is captured in song and in movies as well as any topic that's ever been written about. In the days leading up to Father's Day, I'm highlighting five meaningful songs about the impact of fatherhood. Some will come from the viewpoints of the dad, some from the child,and some from both.

As everyone from Donald Miller to John Eldredge has pointed out in recent years, telling a great story is the best thing a person can do, and many great stories are told in 4-minute snippets.

If you are not a fan of country music, you likely have not heard of Rodney Atkins or his song, "Watching You". Many who don't like country music simply don't like the twang. While I understand the sound is not for everyone, this song is for everyone. You simply must ignore the presence of the twang for 4 minutes, and listen to the story.
Like most of the Father's Day songs in this series, "Watching You" is autobiographical. His son really did get in trouble for saying a bad word, and in fact, his son plays himself in this video. I'm a big fan of authenticity, and this song and video are as authentic as it gets. You can see it in the way he embraces and interacts with the little guy. It's a linear story, so watch and listen all the way through, and I dare you not to get a little choked up during the 2nd verse.

These 5 songs are posted in no particular order. This is the last of five posts.
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