Cats are Better

As a former math teacher, I once postulated the following:

The size of one's pickup truck is inversely proportional to the likelihood that he is a cat owner.

For some unknown reason, many people do not like cats. My pastor says rotten things about cats, our only major theological difference.

Look, people. Cats are better than dogs. This is a truth that can be seen by comparing the top of the line cats vs the top dogs.

The chief cats are lions and tigers.

The best dogs can do is a fox, wolf or hyena.

Seriously, this is no contest. God said Jesus is the Lion of Judah (Rev 5:5) and when an angel spoke so powerfully that it sounded like thunder which shook the foundations of the universe, it was said he had a mouth of a lion (Rev 13:2).

Was Jesus the hyena of Judah? I don’t think so.

I can't believe I have to explain this stuff.


ellenjane said…
I can't believe you have to explain them either, we're in total agreement here.
Lori said…
Let's here it for the cats! I like dogs too, but they get all the glory! Hopped over here from Billy's blog :-)
DCussen said…
Wow, James; I was starting to like you.

Dogs aren't "man's best friend" by accident. Dogs are one of God's most amazing loyal, friendly, and unconditionally loving creatures. Dogs protect us. Dogs save lives. Who did they send in after the towers collapsed? Not cats. Cats: "I might choose to let you pet me if I deem you worthy today". Dogs: "I can't wait for my master to come home!!!!!!!" Just opinion, though, but my old dog is getting white cheeks now...but she goes with me everywhere! Love ya man.

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