The Take Action Bible: A Review

In short: I like it.  The purpose of this edition of the bible is summarized in the headline at the top of the back cover: "Put the word of God into action".  And it gives you plenty of ideas how to do exactly that. Besides the expected biblical text, it includes several stories about different modern-day people who heard the call of God and answered, in the form of giving, going, serving, or otherwise presenting their lives to God for His purposes.

At the end is a list of 52 suggestions (one for each week of the year) for how readers can make a difference in their community for the advancement of the Gospel. Each suggestion has an accompanying bible verse. This edition also includes a bible-reading plan.

Of course, there are the usual things one would like to have a bible to have: red letters for Jesus' words, a concordance, maps, and helpful notes and cross-references throughout.

(The Take Action Bible, published by Thomas Nelson, is a paperback New King James bible, a free copy of which was provided to me for review purposes.)


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