Book Review: No Place Like Holmes

No Place Like Holmes, by Jason Lethcoe, is a book aimed at readers outside of my demographic. Thankfully, I have a 9-year-old son who is an avid reader and who fits perfectly. He read the book before I did, and he liked it so much he read all 200 pages in one day.

The story revolves around Griffin, a boy genius who is often misunderstood and who is often misunderstood and picked on by kids and adults alike. He goes to visit his uncle, a private detective who lives next door to Sherlock Holmes. the uncle is barely scraping by, even as his neighbor's business thrives. Not surprisingly, as the story moves forward, there is a mystery to be solved, and not surprisingly, Griffin plays a part. This being a Thomas Nelson publication, there is a spiritual component of the story which separates it from most other mystery series such as Sherlock Holmes, Encyclopedia Brown, or Boxcar Children.

My son liked it.. I liked it. I recommend it for those readers who fall within the demographic. The publisher gave me a copy for review purposes, but they didn't tell me to recommend it. They're cool like that. 


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