"Max on Life", Max Lucado's latest book, is unlike most of Lucado's best-known efforts. Typically, he will base a book on a book of the bible such as Romans ("In the Grip of Grace") or Acts("Outlive Your Life"). But "Max on Life" deviates from that format in that it consists of Lucado's answers to 172 questions he has been asked. The questions have been submitted, by believers and unbelievers alike, to the author over the years, and reflect a wide spectrum of topics, such as prayer, the goodness of God, sex, scripture, money, heaven, and hell.

I have to admit: at first, I was thinking this review was going to be pretty negative. It seems that most of the questions and answers touch on surface-level topics and and never delve deep enough for my taste. But upon reading it more closely, I cannot deny that the answers are in fact enlightening, thoughtful, and full of wisdom.

I still don't think this book is for the most seasoned Christians. But there are many people who this book is for, and who can benefit greatly from it. So I'm giving it 3 out of 5 stars. I'm recommending it, not for everyone, but for most readers.

Disclaimer: I am a participant in Thomas Nelson's Booksneeze program; I received a free copy of this book for review purposes.


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