Book Review: Everything, by Mary DeMuth

Although I was unfamiliar with Mary DeMuth prior to reading the free review copy of "Everything", I'm now a big fan of her work. I quoted from it in this post when I was part of the way into the book.

The main point of the book is simply to make Jesus your everything. That sounds so easy, so cliche, and certainly sounds like something that has been said before. It begs the question:  Why write a book like that? It can't possibly contain any original thoughts, right?

Wrong.  I've been a Christian for a long time, and heard thousands of sermons and read more books than I can count, but I've never heard anyone put it like DeMuth does. The purpose of this book isn't to pretend to come up with new ideas about how to live life. It's more like a compass: coupled with a map, it helps the reader re-orient and get back to a place where he can find True North and then find his way back to where he should be.

"Everything" is a breath of fresh air. At the end of a year when so many believers are expending their energy associating their Christianity with the stance they take on Chick-Fil-A, or their preferred political party, DeMuth encourages the reader to make it all about Jesus:

"The gospel…shouldn’t merely be the crutch we fall on when life gets ugly. It should be the legs we walk on, the air we breathe." 

I recommend Mary DeMuth's "Everything" for all Christians, and I intend to check out her previous work.


Mary DeMuth said…
Thank you for reading the book and offering such a hopeful review. I so appreciate it.
Thanks for this review. I'd not heard of the book but I might put it on my 2013 to-read list. :)
Excellently stated. Thank you for sharing. It is a re-reader!

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