Thinking As You're Supposed To

The following opinions are my own and are in conflict with conventional thinking, a fact which is not of great concern to me.

1. I'd rather listen to Knopfler than Clapton.
2. The temperature outside is not generally worth talking about.
3. I am surprised when people act surprised that a kid they used to know 15 years ago is now a grown-up.
4. I prefer Van Halen with Sammy over Dave.
5. If I am in a group of guys and the conversation turns to cars, I'm going to find an excuse to leave.
6. In and Out is essentially the same burger as Steak n Shake
7. I've been to Disney Land and Disney World. And I like Six Flags better.
8. Cats: yes. Dogs: can take 'em or leave 'em.
9. I believe Raffy Palmeiro
10. Baseball isn't boring.
11. Bob Dylan: Extremely overrated.


katdish said…
I concur with most of these. Who is Raffy Palmeiro?
James said…
Palmeiro was a baseball player for the Rangers. During the height of the steroids hysteria, he was one of a few players called to testify before Congress. He made it clear he had not done steroids. He promptly tested positive a few weeks later. He insists to this day he does not know how he tested positive, since he has not ever taken illegal substances. I believe him.
Teddy said…
I may have to unfriend you...
Jeff said…
I will be taking Tim to Six Flags.

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