MLB greed-a Double whammy

Major League Baseball has come in and told the Rangers to tell their tenants--small businesses who rent space in the offices of the Ballpark--that the precedent which has been set for the last 17 seasons is now no longer in effect. They can no longer watch games from their office without purchasing a ticket. At least for the playoffs.

MLB has always had ridiculous rules which come across as greedy. For example, go try to find a clip on Youtube. If you do get lucky enough to find one, bookmark it and come back in a week, and it won't be there. That's because MLB won't let any game footage be shown online, because they want you to view it on the league's website.

A great example of the ridiculousness of MLB's policy is in that article linked to at the beginning of this post. Watch the video, which comes from a news report on local DFW station WFAA. When it gets to the 1:22 mark, the original clip shows some baseball action as part of the news story. But that part is blacked out in this clip because the MLB won't let the news station--reporting a legitimate news story, mind you--show baseball players playing baseball. Because, you know, it might infringe on MLB's copyrighted material. Or something.

Not a lot of things sadden me like greed does. Before money was invented, people found ways to do evil because they wanted more. Eve was convinced by a snake that God was holding out on her. So she and Adam sinned. Later, they had kids, and one was upset that his brother had something he didn't get. So we have history's first murder. Greed is arguably the root cause of most of the world's troubles. Ultimately, the MLB is simply an example of the human condition. The MLB's actions are a symptom, not the problem. But the MLB still has the freedom to make the right choice. Hopefully they'll change their mind.


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