Top Ten List: My favorite movie heroes

My favorite movie heroes of all time. Listed like this: Character name--actor name--Movie name

10. Neo--Keanu Reeves--The Matrix
9. Maximus--Russell Crowe--Gladiator
8. Simon Birch--Ian Michael Smith--Simon Birch
7. Chris Gardner--Will Smith--The Pursuit of Happyness
6. Jim Braddock--Russell Crowe--Cinderella Man
5. Jean Valjean--Liam Neeson--Les Miserables
4. John Creasy--Denzel Washington--Man on Fire
3. Paul Rusesabagina--Don Cheadle--Hotel Rwanda
2. Atticus Finch--Gregory Peck--To Kill a Mockingbird
1. Oskar Schindler--Liam Neeson--Schindler's List

Note: Jesus--Jim Caviezel--The Passion of the Christ should be #1, but really, He's kind of in a league of His own. My list consists of great heroes, but none of them are on the same level as Jesus. If I listed Him, there would be an insurmountable gap between #1 and #2.


JW said…
I believe that my top ten, aside from any comic book reincarnation would have to be( in no particular order)

Riddick - Vin Deisel ---Pitch Black/Chronicles of Riddick
John Creasy -- Man on Fire
Mike Lowry -- Will Smith -- Bad Boys 1& 2
Capt. Jack Sparrow --- Johnny Depp -- Pirates of the Carribean
Mickey ----Brad Pitt ---Snatch
William Wallace -- Mel Gibson --Braveheart
Seth Gecko -- George Clooney --From Dusk til Dawn
Rambo --- Sylvester Stallone --Rambo 4
Eli --- Denzel Washington -- The Book of Eli
Danny Archer -- Leo Dicaprio -- Blood Diamond
James said…
That's a heck of a list, Jason!

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